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Visitors to Devotion Church will find that we are open to all cultures and races of the world. No walls, no cultural or generational segregation - only the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ that makes us One community. Devotion Church is a place that has no fear of God's Word, as such, we live by God's Word, not selectively but in its entirety. 


To bring in and raise the future believers and leaders of God’s kingdom and the community that will carry on the tradition and core values of Devotion Church.

Future believers/leaders need to build their foundations to withstand the social and cultural tidal waves that are sweeping the world. In an ever hostile environment for those of faith, a strong foundation is necessary and only through the active living presence of the Holy Spirit can the believers of tomorrow survive. Proof of this is in current leadership most of whom lack the dependence on the Spirit of God. Corruption and the lack of Spiritual Harmony are all too evident in many of today’s churches. The corruption and immorality found in the world is like a virus. Too many are now infected making it more imperative that we remain spiritually healthy.

It all begins with good soil that comes with repentance - to plant and extend roots, then grow and bear fruit ... all of this nourished by the Holy Spirit. Devotion to the Lord needs to be more than a job and retirement planning. We need to make it life in order to sustain God's truth.

Our ongoing goal is to fulfill any and all purposes that the Spirit reveals to us in our spiritual clarity.