Our Testimony

How He called us


It was one day in May of 1989 that God began His calling process by starting our journey. One morning on the way to work, a car accident  left my wife with severe injuries to her neck and back. She also had nerve issues in her shoulders, arms and feet. During her time off, we struggled financially and also with the raising of our two children who were 10 and 4 at the time of the accident.  She suffered for a period of seven years; never close to any resemblance of recovery. We struggled through this ordeal as unbelievers. We can look back now and see how alone we were.

Circumstances led my wife to start attending a Korean church. Upon attending a Friday prayer night service, she was anointed with the Holy Spirit and gifts we did not understand at the time. Three days later on the following Monday, while at work, she was in total disbelief after realizing that she was no longer hurting as was the norm for the previous seven years. Halleluiah! she knew God had healed her.

That evening, when I saw her, she was different!  As different as night and day. I knew then in my heart that God was real and I personally thanked Him for healing my wife. 

I was then anointed with the Holy Spirit and immediately answered His call to come and get to know Him. I began attending church services the following Sunday.

Our journey of learning, training and service had begun. Through all our struggles and attacks, we are where we are today because we never gave up trusting in the Lord. 

My wife is more than willing to share  her testimony in further depth to any who wish to listen. 

God Bless.