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Who we are - our history

The entity of Devotion Church began on June 7, 2015 with the first service. DC was born out of God's provision, not from a church planting effort. He set the time and place for DC's birth and any historical milestones will be of His doing, all for His glory.


Rev. George Kawamoto leads the congregation as the senior pastor of Devotion Church.  

Rev. George Kawamoto received his B.A., Masters  and Doctorate of Theology in Ministry from Northwestern Theological Seminary.

As a DC anointed Evangelist and Missionary, Aisil Kawamoto leads the outreach/evangelism and missionary ministries of Devotion Church.

Most valuable in the evangelism field is experience and a fearlessness to share the gospel. Evangelist Aisil has shared her personal testimony of God's miracle healing over 2000 times since she was healed by the Lord!  Nothing beats the experience of talking and sharing with people. 

Rev. George and Evangelist Aisil are a working team brought up and trained together to fulfill God's purpose. 

Glory to God.